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Is your place of business/work in need of Motivation?

  • Motivate Sales force teams
  • Increase Productivity
  • Promote Team Unity
  • Increase Happiness & Success in the Work Force & Sales Teams
  • Group Training

Frank can customize a seminar catered to the needs of your small business or corporation.


  • Presentation
  • Sales Effectiveness
  • How to Increase Sales
  • Customer Service
  • One on One training
  • Cold Calling
  • Overcoming fears/obstacles

Life Coach Services Include:

Career Guidance

Personal Goals/Dreams

Personal Life:

Love Life, Marriage, Family

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Defeat your Mental Monsters

 A Shot of Motivation

The Junk in Your Head



Introducing Mr. Frank Ortiz
Master Motivator & Speaker

The Art of Selling and Service (live)

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Our Thoughts are the Building Blocks for our life. Our thoughts have Power!

Everyone is affected by the negative thoughts, or what Frank likes to call "The Junk" in our heads. How do you change the way you think in order to help you create a happier, more positive life?

How can you achieve your goals if you are constantly thinking sad, pessimistic, crazy thoughts? Your thoughts have a direct correlation to your relationships, marriages, and both your professional and personal life.

Let Frank help you see the potential that is inside of you right now!

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