Seminars Offered

Seminars Offered: bring up the management portion up next then the rest after that “A Shot at Happiness” is not only our most popular seminar but is also the name of our organization.

A Shot at Happiness-

Have you been recently Divorced? Have you lost someone you love? Have you recently lost your job? Are you in need of a little HAPPINESS in your life? This is the seminar for you! Frank will help you view your life and the obstacles that come your way in a positive light. How is that possible? Let him inspire you and show you that it can be done. Happiness is all within our reach, and it IS possible!

A Shot at Success-

Have you been passed up for a promotion? Are you unhappy with your career or job? Does it feel that your life’s passions are just passing you by? Do you feel stuck and that your life is going nowhere? You MUST attend this seminar! Frank will share his personal Life story on how he was promoted from building bikes to being the Vice President of a Large Corporation. He was extremely successful at his career and at one point headhunters were flooding him with phone calls with job offers. Let him share his secrets and steps on how to attain SUCCESS in your WORK LIFE as well as your PERSONAL LIFE! We will also customize and tailor SPECIAL seminars to your specific needs: Small or a large groups, or if your Business or Company desires to :
  • Increase Sales
  • Increase Productivity
  • Increase Employee Morale
  • Increase Team Unity
  • Group Training
In his career, he began as a Sales Associate, and was promoted all the way up to Vice President of a Corporation! He was also the CEO of his own business and knows every aspect of running a small business. He is not just a Motivational Speaker without any knowledge about running and operating a business. He brings a wealth of knowledge, and knows the importance it is to have a strong motivated Team of employees behind you to make your Small Business or Corporation a SUCCESS! Your Company is only as strong as your employees!

Frontline Leadership Skills

  • Characteristic of an admired leader
  • Confronting people and problems
  • Effective communacation skills

Supervisory Skills 

  • Leadership Effectiveness
  • When and what to delegate
  • 30 tips for becoming an inspired leader
  • How to motivate your team

  • What kinds of things get in the way of great teamwork
  • How to create authentic participation
  • 10 characteristic of a High performance Team
  • Why the best leaders are also strong team players

A Shot at Marriage-

Is your Marriage in need of a tune up? Are you constantly fighting over the same issues over and over again? Why doesn’t he/she understand ME? Are you considering divorce? This seminar is a MUST for you and your spouse! Frank has been happily married for 40+ years and has helped SO many other couples overcome many of the issues that every married couple face. He brings laughter & joy in this seminar and helps couples work together as a TEAM instead of individually and against each other.

A Shot at Love-

Are you SINGLE? Want to meet new people? Wondering why Mr. Right or Ms. Right has not come along? This seminar is PERFECT for you! It is set in a Social environment and is for ALL Single people looking for LOVE! Frank will help you find joy in your current status and at the same time help you with finding the right person for you! This is a great opportunity to meet new people and at the same time receive great advice and steps on how to find the LOVE you are looking for. Or if you have specific needs for groups ranging from “Young Adults to Senior Citizens” who are need of motivation and direction in their lives, Frank can customize a seminar to acheive this as well. Young Adults are in definite need of direction in their lives especially with all of the current issues the world is facing. Frank speaks to them at their level. Because of his sarcastic humor and his knowledge of today’s trends, pop culture, and etc. they take to him immediately. His “been there done that” approach reaches through to them and he is able to give them advice they can put to use immediately in their day to day life! Senior Citizens also have a definite need motivation in their lives. Frank shares with them on how to find joy in their lives and to always have goals regardless of their age! His seminar is entertaining and they can relate to his stories and the best part is that he is able to help them view their life in a NEW & FRESH perspective! His Famous Quote is: “You are NOT Retired from Life!” Personal TOPICS Include:
  • Career Guidance
  • Family Life/Marriage
  • Love & Personal Life
  • Personal Goals & Direction
Make contact today regarding any questions you might have and how Frank can help you!
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